Henry Freeman

Henry Freeman

Born at Bridlington on 29th. April 1835, Henry, or Harry as he was known to his friends,  worked in his youth as a brickmaker. He was successful at his work rising to the position of manager with Mr. Splayfoot`s brick making firm. With the decline of the brick trade Henry turned to the sea and fishing.

He became a lifeboatman and was involved in many heroic rescues, one of which left him the only survivor of a crew of thirteen. He almost certainly owed his life to the fact that at that time he was the only member of the crew to be wearing the then new cork lifejacket.

He spent more than forty years in the lifeboat service and died on 13th. December 1904 aged 69.  His story is retold in `Storm Warrior` by Ian Minter & Ray Shill, (Published by Heartland Press).

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