Famous Local People

Famous Local People

Few such small towns have had such a world-wide impact as Whitby, through both her native-born and adopted sons and daughters. Under the leadership of St Hilda, the famous Synod of Whitby in 664AD determined the date of Easter for all those who worshipped, and still worship, in the many churches which sprang from the Celtic and later Anglican traditions.

The world's most famous explorer, Captain James Cook, learned his seafaring skills here and used Whitby-built ships on his global voyages of exploration. Though less well-known than Captain Cook,  modern mariners owe much to the scientific work of William Scoresby, while many sailors owed their lives to the heroic efforts of Henry Freeman and the brave crews of the Whitby lifeboat.

Not least, Whitby has always had more than its share of eccentric characters, such as John the Bellman. Others are still to be found in harbour-side pubs!

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