Places Shape People

Places Shape People

And Whitby has lots of famous people (St Hilda, Caedmon, Father Postgate, Captain Cook, Captain Scoresby,  Canon Atkinson, etc) who lived here - all sharing a strong will and independent turn of mind.

The isolation of the area and continuous battle with nature experienced by hill-farmers and all seafarers breeds hardy people who have to rely on their own resources - but who are also quick to help someone else in trouble. The area still has a very strong community spirit.  So, there are pages on equally notable people who are less well-known outside the area, such as Henry Freeman, coxswain of the lifeboat during one of the most heroic rescue attempts in lifeboat history.

We have so many beautiful places for you to explore that we have grouped them under the headings of the Town of Whitby, Coastal Villages, or Inland Villages, as well as sections on our Heritage Coast and on the North York Moors National Park.

And since even a short stay in the area had a strong influence on the work of visitors such as Bram Stoker, Lewis Carroll and Mrs Gaskell, we have included pages on their associations too.


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