White Rabbit Trail

White Rabbit Trail

See Whitby as Lewis Carroll would have seen it.

Follow Whitby’s White Rabbit Trail a walk devised by the Whitby Civic Society.

Lewis Carroll, the world famous author (real name Charles Dodgson, 1832-1898) first came to Whitby for two months in the summer of 1854 with a party of students and their tutor to study mathematics. His studies paid off, for he gained a First Class Degree and stayed at Christ Church, Oxford, for the rest of his life. In 1856 H.G. Liddell, the new Dean, came to live there with his family. Carroll entertained the older children with his tales and one, Alice, asked him to write the stories down. ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ was published in 1856 and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ in 1871.

Lewis Carroll’s vivid imagination, love of words and logic led him, from his boyhood, to invent stories and all his life he loved to entertain children. A fellow student told of his sitting on Whitby beach surrounded by enthralled listeners. Carroll came to Whitby several times. His last visit was with other members of his family in August 1871.

Lewis Carroll famously brought things he saw around him into his stories, so there is a quiz on some of the things you can see on the trail. Having completed your walk and quiz, a certificate awaits children of any age who complete it at the Whitby Archives.

Further information is available from the Tourist Information Centre.

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