Abbots of Whitby

Abbots of Whitby

A Chronology of the Abbots of Whitby

  • St Hilda founded Whitby Abbey in 657
  • Monastery re-founded in 1076/77 as a Benedictine priory
  • Abbey status granted about 10 years later

The Abbots:

William de Percy II 1109
Benidictas Resigned in 1148 and was succeeded by
Richard prior of Burgh 1148 – 1178
Roger de Scarboruogh 1222
John de Steynegreve died 1285
William de Burniston 1256
Robert de Langtoft (summoned to Parliament) died 1278
William de Kirkham (also summoned to Parlament) died 1304
Thomas de Malton resigned in 1322
Thomas de Hawksgarth, a monk of Whitby resigned 1352
A vacancy of three years ensued
William de Burton, a monk of Whitby, was elected in 1355, and died in 1374
John de Richmond, a monk of Whitby,died 1393
Thomas de Bolton died 1413
John de Skelton died 1437
Dr. Hugh Ellerton died 1462
Thomas pickering died 1475
William Colson died 1499
John Lovel, a monk of Whitby, died 1501
William de Evesham died 1505
John Benestede died 1514
Thomas Bydnall died 1516
John Whitby, a native of this place, died 1517
Thomas York, presbyter of Myton, died 1527
John Topcliffe, alias Hexham, resigned 1538
Henry de Vall, or Davell, surrendered the Abbey to King Henry VIII on 14 December 1539.


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