Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam is floating debris, washed overboard or resulting from a shipwreck while Jetsam was deliberately thrown overboard, to lighten a ship during a storm. Both flotsam and jetsam are eventually washed ashore, for beach-combers to discover… so here is a collection of quirky little bits and bobs for you internet beach-combers.

The A to Z of Whitby

Covers every letter of the alphabet… from Angling to the Zany antics you can join in during our legendary Folk Week Festival, held every August.

Salty Speech

Do you realise how many of your figures of speech come from the days of sail? From ‘sling your hook’ to ‘a copper-bottomed investment’ we explain their nautical origin

The White Rabbit Trail

See Whitby as Lewis Carroll would have seen it, by following this walk devised by the Whitby Civic Society.

World-Wide Links

Whitby is proud to be twinned with ten towns across the world, reflecting the remarkable history of the ships and people who sailed from this historic sea-port.

The Abbots of Whitby

Whitby Abbey was first founded by the Abbess Hilda in 657AD. The abbey was re-founded in 1076/77 as a Benedictine Priory and all the subsequent Abbots are listed here. The last abbot surrendered to King Henry VIII in 1539, leaving the Abbey to weather into the ruins that still dominate the town today.

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