How do I advertise on VisitWhitby.com?

Please click on ‘Advertising’ on the footer at the bottom of any page. This will give details of Bow House Ltd, who handle our paid advertising. NB: Joining Whitby and District Tourism Association (WDTA) first, entitles you to a special offer on the standard advertising rates for VisitWhitby.com AND on the popular annual Whitby Guidebook (see below).

Can I advertise without being a WDTA member?

Yes. Please see the answer above.

How do I join Whitby and District Tourism Association (WDTA)?

Please click on  the ‘Tourism Assoc. (WDTA)’ button on the left of your screen to find details, prices, address, etc of the WDTA Treasurer.

How do I contact the editors of VisitWhitby.com?

Please click on ’Contact Us’ on the footer of any page, then complete and send the contact form to us.

Can you send me a brochure by post?

Sorry, but we are a small and voluntary organisation and postage is too expensive. Please feel free to print off the relevant page/s from VisitWhitby.com for your own personal use.

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