two people on winter beach walks in Whitby

Planning for winter beach walks

In Whitby, we don’t let the weather stop us having a good time! Whether it’s glorious sunshine or chucking it down with rain, there’s always lots of fun to be had here.

With COVID-19 restrictions meaning many of us are going to be meeting friends and family outside this year, we thought we’d share some of our top tips for winter beach walks and keeping safe.

Take a look at our top tips for organising enjoyable winter beach walks this year.

Wrap up warm

It’s going to be chilly on your walk, there could be a cold coastal wind and it might rain on you as you walk. But, you can prepare by wrapping up warm… bring out the hats, gloves, scarves, pocket warmers, thick woollen socks.

Remember though, you’ll get warm while you’re walking. Choose an outfit that lets your body breathe so sweat will be absorbed rather than sitting on your skin and actually making you feel cold!

person on a walk in Whitby in winter

Bring spare clothes

Having something you (and the kids!) can change into if it’s wet is invaluable on your winter beach walk. It means you won’t have to sit in wet, sandy clothes on the way home, making for a much happier journey!

Pick the right footwear

Having the right footwear makes a winter walk much more enjoyable. Choose something that’s comfortable, waterproof and gives you good grip – parts of the town do get very slippery in the winter. You might even want to bring a change of shoes for wandering on the beach as well as for strolling through town for added comfort.

Don’t dwell on your weather app

The only way to really know what the weather is doing is to get outside! Weather apps and news reports can’t tell you with 100% accuracy what’s going to happen. Use their predictions as a guide only. Don’t be put off if rain is forecast. Here in Whitby, the weather changes all the time, so you might get a very pleasant surprise!

Plan your food stops

Whitby is full of wonderful places to eat and drink. Over the pandemic, our dedicated, creative local business owners have been hard at work. They’ve been getting their premises ready to welcome you safely and many offer a cracking take out service too. Whether you’re after the classic seaside fish and chips, just a hot drink or something a bit more unusual, Whitby has it all!

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