boats docked at the harbour for the Whitby Regatta

The Whitby Regatta 2018

Are you joining us for the Whitby Regatta this year? It’s set to be an incredible long weekend of events for the whole family to enjoy!

The Regatta is taking place over three days this August, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and finishes on Monday 13th with a spectacular firework display.

It’s over 170 years old, making it one of the oldest sea Regattas on the northeast coast. It brings large crowds to Whitby each year and we hope you’ll be coming along too!

The Whitby Regatta programme

For a complete guide to the Whitby Regatta, you’ll need to grab a programme from one of the great local stockists around Whitby and in the nearby towns.

They cost £3 and can be bought from the Whitby Tourist Information Centre and the Whitby Pavilion. Take a look at the complete list of programme stockists here.

Your programme is more than just a list of events, it’s also your entry to the local treasure hunt. Each of the shopkeepers, café owners, trades and businesses in Whitby who have pledged a prize for the hunt will be displaying a number in their windows. If that number matches the one you’ve got in your programme, you’re a winner!

What’s on?

There is so much happening during the Whitby Regatta! We’re going to give you a brief overview of what you can expect to find over the weekend.

Every day is packed full of exciting events and fun things to do with the whole family. Each day has something to make it special, but on every day of the Regatta, you’ll be able to enjoy:

The Regatta Tombola, RAF displays, North Yorkshire Moors Bird of Prey displays, Van Buran’s Magic Show and Circus Workshop, Circraft, the Regatta Market and Craft Fair, and Yorkshire Coast Radio live from West Cliff.

For timings and more detail about each specific event, you’ll need your Whitby Regatta programme.

view of the harbour before the Whitby Regatta

Saturday 11th

To get the Whitby Regatta started in style, the events on Saturday are going to be amazing, including the popular greasy pole competition, raft race and a visit from the Dakota aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.” Here’s what you can expect:

  • Music from State of Undress – Pier Bandstand
  • 95.8FM BBC TEES will be broadcasting LIVE from the Whitby Regatta
  • Grand Baby Show – Royal Hotel, West Cliff
  • Glamorous Granny Competition – Royal Hotel, West Cliff
  • Professor Jon’s Flea Circus – West Cliff
  • “Sam the Scam”  Bunko Booth – West Cliff
  • Open Dog Show – Archery Green
  • Greasy Pole Competition – Fish Pier
  • Pick a Pen – Capt Cook Area
  • Kit Car Rally – Spa Green
  • White Rose Capri Club Display – Spa Green
  • Vintage Japanese Motor Cycle Club Rally – Crescent gardens
  • Whitby Motor Club Display – Spa Green
  • Robinson Cup (Sailing) – Sandsend Bay
  • Raft Race – Collier Hope
  • Regatta Sail Past & Lifeboat Launch – Harbour
  • Solar Viewing (afternoon) – Royal Crescent Road
  • Star Party (evening) – Archery Green
Sunday 12th

Sunday is full of great events too, including an aerial display by the Red Arrows, the 4k fun run, and the classic car rally. Here’s what you’ll be able to find on the day:

  • Live music from State of Undress – Pier Bandstand
  • 95.8FM BBC TEES will be broadcasting LIVE from the Whitby Regatta
  • Motor Cycle, Quads Gymkhana & Lawn Mower Race – Beach Nr. Khyber Pass
  • Whitby Scooter Club rally – Crescent Gardens
  • Fun Run – Starts at Crescent Gardens
  • Pick a Pen – Captain Cook AreaScrufts Dog Show – Crescent Gardens
  • The Red Arrows – View from West Cliff
  • Tuby’s Vintage Commercial vehicles display – West Cliff
  • Van Buran’s Magic Show and Circus Workshop – West Cliff
  • Professor Jon’s Flea Circus – West Cliff
  • “Sam the Scam” Bunko Booth – West Cliff
  • Vintage & Post War Motor Cycles – Crescent Gardens
  • Vintage Tractors & Farm Machinery – Crescent Gardens
  • Spit & Polish Classic Car Rally – Spa Green
  • Solar Viewing (afternoon) – Royal Crescent Road
  • Star Party (evening) – Archery Green
Monday 13th

Bringing the Regatta to an exciting close Monday will bring a day full of exciting parades, prize giving, football, sailing, and ends with a fantastic firework display that will light up the sky and write our signature W in the air for all to see.

  • Walking Floats & Fancy Dress Parade followed by prize giving at – Royal Hotel, West Cliff
  • Regatta Comic Football match – Main Beach
  • Tyler Cup (Sailing) – Upper Harbour
  • Fun Fair – Pier Road Area
  • Fancy Dress Judging & Prize Giving – Royal Hotel, West Cliff
  • Rowing Clubs Prize Giving – Abbey Wharf
  • Grand Fireworks Display – Viewing from West Cliff & Pier

This is going to be a weekend packed with fun and we hope you’ll be joining us!

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