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Chris’s Whitby ghost story

Whitby is full of ghost stories and many visitors have their own paranormal experiences during their stay. Chris D’Andilly has been in touch to tell us of his experiences with ghosts in Whitby.

Chris’s Whitby ghost story

I visited Whitby first time Wednesday 21st April 1995. As I walked near Abbey through St Mary’s Churchyard, heading towards 199 steps, to my left was a man and woman sat on bench. The woman had a coat draped over her right arm and when the pair saw me, they smiled.

My partner was walking in front, so I said to her “let’s sit on that bench with that couple.” She then said, “what couple?” When I looked… they vanished along with the bench!

On further investigation, there are marks indicating a bench was present there. 7 years later, we visited St Mary’s Church which we hadn’t on our first visit. My partner went into the church and on the right-hand side was a room with a panoramic photo.

The black and white picture has several people on. At the front is a little boy. Stood behind him is the couple I saw! The woman even has her coat draped over her right arm, just as I had seen.

Intrigued, I asked someone in the church about the picture. I was told the couple used to be bell ringers. I visited again on 31st August 2020 and a local restaurant owner in Whitby I spoke to has also seen the couple in the churchyard.

A local lady at the church knows there have been sightings but has never seen them herself. I believe it was their way of welcoming me to Whitby as it happened just after I arrived. I went back hoping to see the couple again so I could say hello but did not see them.

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