man fishing on Whitby's beach

Whitby fishing

You’re very welcome to visit Whitby if you’re interested in fishing. Our coast is full of wonderful sea creatures, with anglers regularly catching cod, mackerel, pollock, coalfish, and even bass.

So if you’re interested in Whitby fishing, grab your rod and choose your spot. We’ve got a few tips and tricks for you, as well as some detail about the exciting fishing opportunities on our coastline.

Whitby pier fishing

You can have some real fun fishing on the piers at Whitby. No matter what time of year you visit, there’s always something to be caught from our part of the Yorkshire coast.

East pier is usually quiet and can be a great place to have a restful afternoon fishing. However, west pier is more popular, as the two levels give lots of space for casting off. Head right to the end of the pier and descend to the lower level for some fruitful fishing. If the sea is angry or there’s a storm, don’t use this lower level, it isn’t safe and no fish is worth the risk.

Remember, fishing is prohibited in the harbour entrance. Cast your rod off the piers instead, you’ll get a better catch, protect your equipment, and keep all the other harbour users safe.

man fishing off Whitby's west pier

Whitby fishing boat tours

Fishing is a great activity to be shared with others. There are lots of charter boats that you can book a space on and head out to sea. You’ll enjoy wreck, reef and charter angling with friendly Yorkshire skippers.

If you’re new to fishing in Whitby, this can be a fantastic way to get to know the landscape here. You’re also able to draw on the advice of other experienced anglers and have a really enjoyable day out on the water.

There are also lots of shorter trips you can head out on if you don’t want to spend the full day at sea. Talk to the skippers in the harbour and see what’s going to be best for you.

River fishing

It’s not just about the sea in Whitby, there are some amazing catches to be had further inland when you fish along the River Esk. You’ve got a fantastic chance of catching flounder in the river during summer.

The Esk is also a great place for salmon and sea trout fishing too. If it’s sea trout you’re interested in, remember they often follow the lure right into the bank, so don’t be too hasty in taking your rod out.

Whitby fishing in the sunshine

A few extra tips…

Wrap up warm! Especially if you’re trying to snap up some cod in the winter, you’ll need to have thick layers on to keep out the biting sea wind.

When fishing in Whitby, do be sure to check the weather and the tide times. We do get some real extremes of weather here, and you don’t want to put yourself at risk. If the storm gates are closed, turn back and plan a trip for another day.

Make sure you also always have a way to communicate with others. Take a well charged mobile with you and always let someone know where you’re going. It’s a great idea to tell them when they can expect you to return too. If you miss the time and haven’t been in touch, they can raise the alarm.

Once you’ve become experienced at Whitby fishing, why not really test your skill? Take part in one of the angling festivals that take place three times a year, courtesy of Whitby Charter Skippers Association.

We’re sure one afternoon of fishing in Whitby won’t be enough. Book yourself into one of the great accommodation options here and enjoy more days fishing along our coast.

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