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Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery is going from strength to strength – and we’re not talking about the alcohol content in their beers! The micro-brewery is continually expanding its reach, selling fantastic Whitby brewed ales in the town, North Yorkshire and much further afield. And it’s not hard to see why…

Since 2013, Whitby Brewery have been using whole hops and floor-malted barley to create delicious beers. The brewery has been carefully designed and built by local craftsmen to meet their exact requirements. You can’t miss them – the brewery is nestled beside Whitby Abbey. What could be better than a wander around the historic ruin followed by a locally brewed ale?

They’re always creating exciting new recipes and delicious flavours for their craft beers. Enjoy a relaxed afternoon in their tap room, playing board games and sampling the beers. Lots of the pubs in Whitby also stock their beers, so you’ll be able to enjoy them all over town.

Whitby Brewery tour

You’re very welcome to come and see all the behind the scenes action at the brewery. You’ll learn all about their brewing process, the tools of their trade, and what ingredients they use. They’ll also give you a sneak peek at their plans for the future, as well as a short walk through of their history.

Tours last around 45 minutes. Tickets include three 1/3 pint tasters afterwards, and children get in for free as part of a family group. Schools and large groups are welcome to book a private tour too. Book your Whitby Brewery tour here.

Plus, they regularly host events in Whitby with live music and entertainment. Make sure you check with their events page to see what they’ve got planned.

Whitby Brewery shop

If you can’t get over to Whitby but need to try some of the brewery’s fantastic ales, have a browse of their online shop. You can choose from their range of delicious craft ales and get them delivered right to your door.

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