People enjoying the sunshine on Whitby beach the winner of two beach awards 2018

Whitby – the only Blue Flag beach in Yorkshire 2019

It’s official – Whitby beach is the best in Yorkshire!

Whitby beach has held on to its title and has been awarded another Blue Flag for 2019.

The award tells residents and tourists that it’s one of the best in the world. Our management of the environment is top class, and now everyone knows it.

You don’t need to worry when bathing in our sea, so put on your swimming costume or maybe roll up your trousers and head in for a paddle. But just remember, the awards don’t make the water here at Whitby any warmer!

The beach awards are great news for Whitby, and we’re really proud that our sandy shores have been recognised and celebrated.

What is a Blue Flag?

You’ll see a Blue Flag flying on beaches that have been declared to have excellent water quality, great facilities and that are clean and safe.

It’s a world-renowned label maintained by the Foundation for Environmental Education. You’ll see it waving on beaches that meet its strict standards all over the world.

Blue Flag beaches are always on the lookout to improve their environment. You won’t find any litter or nasty plastics lying around that are harmful to marine life on a beach with the award.

Beaches with the award also have to run at least five educational activities for tourists and residents each year. This is to make them aware of the importance of taking excellent care of the natural environment.

image of the beach and huts at Whitby

So, grab an ice cream and come meet us on the best beach in Yorkshire!

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