Visit Staithes - picture overlooking the village

Visit Staithes

When you’re planning a trip to Whitby, make sure you set a little time aside to visit Staithes too. It’s slightly north of us on the Yorkshire coast and is full of great places to explore and things to do.

Why visit Staithes?

Full of winding little streets, Staithes feels like it’s been frozen in time. The town was once a large, bustling fishing port, one of the biggest in the North East. It’s got a fascinating history and is full of fine art, fossils and geological points of interest, and delicious foods.

Things to do in Staithes

There are lots of exciting things to do in Staithes. Check out some of our favourite things to do when we visit.

Staithes sunset on the harbour

Follow the painted illusion trail

Staithes is home to lots of resident artists. The village is full of galleries for you to explore, as well as a fantastic painted illusion trail. Wander the winding streets and look out for the painted illusions made by world famous artist Paul Czainski.

Visit Staithes Heritage Centre

Staithes has a fascinating fishing and smuggling history, with lots of famous figures to boot. The Staithes Heritage Centre takes you through the village’s exciting past, and details the fascinating life of our famous explorer James Cook. They have a wonderful collection spanning two floors for you to explore and to discover more about the history of Staithes.

Delicious foods

With all this fresh seafood on the doorstep, Staithes is full of scrumptious places to eat. Enjoy a meal sat out on the pier, or in any of the delicious cafés, bistros, or pubs.

Fossil hunting and rock pooling

Like Whitby, Staithes is a treasure trove for beach combing. Wander along the beach and you’re sure to find fossils and rock pools filled with wonderful ocean creatures. You might even spot a seal or two! You can even try your hand at fishing or crabbing, and join in with the long maritime history in Staithes.

boats docked in Staithes next to houses

Stunning coastal walks

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to walking in this stunning part of the world. Whether you choose to stick to the coast, head further in-land, or set out on part of The Cleveland Way, you’re sure to find a route full of beautiful sights and sounds.

Visit the war memorial

Take a moment to remember the more violent part of the village’s history and those who lost their lives in World War Two. You’ll find the war memorial by the old railway station.

Get out on the water

Why not take a trip out to sea on a boat tour? You can go out to fish with a local expert, or set out to discover more about the village and the creatures that make a home on this beautiful piece of coastland.

You’ll miss out on a real hidden gem if you don’t make time to visit Staithes during your stay on the Yorkshire coast. There’s so much to do and see while you’re there. Make sure you send us pictures of your adventures on Twitter and Facebook.

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