Support coastal business

Following such a hard year for all, any support that you can give to our independent coastal businesses would be greatly appreciated. There are lots of different ways that you can help put a smile on a small business owner’s face.

Make a purchase

Of course, the very best thing you can do to support coastal business owners is to buy from their shop. Whether you’re in town and visiting the premises, making a purchase online, or using a click and collect system, choosing to buy from independents over large corporations makes a big difference.

Buy gift cards

Many shops offer gift cards that you can easily send to your friends and family. These give business owners the money the need right now to stay open and can be redeemed later down the line.

Leave reviews

If you’re not in a position where you can spend in independent stores, you can still leave them positive reviews of your past experiences. Online reviews are incredibly convincing to others who are thinking about making a purchase. Your positive feedback could be the difference between a small business owner getting or losing a sale.

Shoppers helping to support coastal business in Whitby

Share their content on your social media

If you see that one of your favourite coastal business owners is running a competition or promoting a product or service, give it a share. By posting it on your story or on your social accounts, your friends and followers are getting a reliable recommendation. You’re helping to raise awareness for a small business and encouraging your network to buy from them.

Rearrange, don’t ask for a refund

If you’ve had a holiday booked that you’re no longer able to enjoy based on tier restrictions or having to isolate, contact your accommodation. It’s likely they’ll be able to rearrange your holiday or give you credit for a future date. Asking for a refund further disrupts cash flow. Plus, when you’re able to rearrange, it’ll feel like a free holiday!

Stream their services online

Lots of businesses have moved their services online to help get through the lockdowns. Continue your usual exercise classes online or enjoy a virtual tour of an exhibit and leave a donation at the end of the session if you’re in a position to be able to do so.

Get takeaway food

Many restaurants have been able to remain open during the pandemic by offering takeaway food and drink to their customers. If you’re able, treat yourself to a meal from your favourite coastal restaurant when you visit. Fish and chips are super easy to eat on the go!

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