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How to stay safe on the beach

There are lots of things you can do to help you and your family stay safe on the beach whenever you visit the coast. As well as making sure you keep your distance from other groups, take a look at our other tips for having a happy, healthy beach trip.

Check the tide

Knowing the tide time is very important when spending time on the beach. If you’re going for a walk, make sure you know when the tide will start coming back towards the shore and make sure you’re well clear of the cliffs when the tide is in.

Stay between the flags

On the beach, you’ll see coloured flags that indicate which parts of the coast are being actively monitored by lifeguards. Those are the safest places to swim and play in the water. Stay in-between the red and yellow flags on the beach. Never go into the water if you can only see red flags as they indicate that the water is dangerous.

Stay together

In busy times, it can be easy for children to find it hard to make their way back to you. Make sure that nobody wanders off alone and that you arrange a clearly defined meeting spot if you do happen to get separated.

mum and two children walking on the beach

Bring sun cream

Protect your skin with a high factor sun cream. The beach offers very little protection from the sun. So, you need to make sure you apply sun cream regularly to guard against burns and more serious skin issues.

Dispose of your rubbish

Don’t leave your rubbish on the beach for someone else to deal with. If you’ve had a picnic or brought some fish and chips onto the beach, use the bins provided to dispose of your rubbish when you get off the sand.

Keep drinking

Make sure you and the family stay well hydrated when spending time on the beach. When the kids are playing and you’re running around enjoying beach games, it’s easy to get dehydrated in the sun.

Create your own shade

Bring your own tents or sunshades, and make sure you’re wearing hats and covering your skin whenever possible so you don’t overheat on the beach.

We hope you’ve found these tips for how to stay safe on the beach helpful. Do you have any to share? Send us a message on Twitter.

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