pictures in Whitby of the harbour

Where to get the best pictures in Whitby 

We know just how stunning Whitby is, and we know you’ll want to get the very best snaps to remember your trip. There are so many fantastic spots to get that perfect shot, so check out our guide to where to go to get the best pictures in Whitby.

1. Whitby Abbey

Of course, you want to get a snap of the Abbey. But, where to take it from? If you’ve gone into the grounds, we recommend heading to the very back of the site, where you can get a stunning vista shot of the Abbey with the sea behind it.

You can get some amazing shots of the abbey from west pier too. Walk along the boards, right over the sea to snap a shot of the Abbey and church looming on the hill.

2. The Abbey steps

Possibly one of the most photographed parts of the town, the Abbey steps offer a great shot over the town. The best snap is about half way up, where you can get a clear view over the harbour and of the two piers.

view of Whitby from the Abbey steps

3. St Mary’s Church and graveyard

The weathered church yard and historic church offer lots of opportunities for budding photographers. You can get some really dramatic shots of as you walk through the graveyard.

4. Argument’s Yard

You can get a great picture in Whitby of a staged fight outside Argument’s Yard. It’s great for couples and for families and you can really put some expression into your face for the shot.

5. The whale bone arch

As a reminder of our whaling history, the whale bone arch stands at the top of west cliff. It makes for a fantastic frame over the town and the church and Abbey on the opposite clifftop.

6. Fortunes Smokehouse

This is a real Whitby treat. Nestled beneath the Abbey, Fortunes Smokehouse is the last of its kind in Whitby. Walking through the door is like taking a big step back in time, as the shop has been open since 1817. You can find it at the bottom of the 199 steps.

7. From the sea

You get a completely different view of the town from the water. With boat trips running every day, you can head out to sea and snap some more unique shots of the town.

pictures in Whitby of the pier

8. At the train station

Don’t forget, Whitby is the last stop on the historic North Yorkshire Moors Railway line. We often get historic locomotives pull into town, and regularly welcome steam trains into the station. These make for fantastic shots.

9. Whitby harbour

You can get some really beautiful pictures in Whitby from the harbour. There are lots of gorgeous boats docked here that you can capture.

10. The Endeavour

While you’re at the harbour, you’ll also want to snap a picture of the fantastic replica of The Endeavour. You’ll find it docked just opposite the railway station or can take some wonderful snaps of it from across the water.

We hope you have lots of fun taking creative pictures in Whitby. We’d love to see what you come up with! Send us your best pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

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