Statue overlooking Whitby town to celebrate the James Cook legacy

Celebrating 250 years of the James Cook legacy

This year marks 250 years since Cook first set out across the seas in the Endeavour and began the journey that would create the Captain James Cook legacy we all know today. So, this year, the Captain Cook Memorial Museum is celebrating his life and achievements with a showcase to the Whitby Cook would have lived, trained and worked in.

18th century Whitby was a promising place for young men to train and make careers for themselves. The Whitby of Cook’s early life was a thriving shipbuilding and shipping town full of opportunities for young men. Without this, Cook might never have taken his place in history or made his ground-breaking discoveries and maps of the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

Painting of the Endeavour by John Freeman to celebrate the James Cook legacy
Painting of the Endeavour by John Freeman

In the exhibition: Whitby in the Time of Cook, you’ll learn about Captain James Cook’s early life and uncover the key aspects that helped shape Whitby into the lovable seaside town you know it as.

You’ll also learn about the lives of other local men who influenced the town; from Abel Chapman (1694-1777) a prominent ship owner and entrepreneur, to Lionel Charlton (1720-1788) a surveyor, mathematics teacher and the author of The History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey (1779).

Come see for yourself how Cook would have lived and worked in Whitby in 1746, and discover a little more about the history of the town by visiting this very special exhibit. Find out if you would have had the ambition you needed to succeed in Cook’s time and book your tickets online today.

To find out what other things of interest are happening in and around town, visit Things To Do in Whitby. Be the first to know about other great events and fun opportunities in the town and join us in a celebration of the James Cook legacy.

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