Britannia Bridge School celebrate Whitby

Britannia Bridge School in Wigan have been learning all about our lovely seaside town! Their recent geography project taught them all about the similarities and differences between Whitby and Wigan. The children all worked really hard on their lessons and it’s safe to say their creative wall looks brilliant.

Britannia Bridge School's Whitby wall

Fantastic Whitby poetry

The year 4 class loved working on this project and were really excited to share their pieces with us. We were delighted to read all their wonderful poems and we wanted to share a few of their fantastic verses with you.

It has really good fish and chips
I would so recommend
The people are really nice
Perfect for a weekend

By Molly


Whitby is a seaside town
Lots of tourists and boats around
Whitby is cool
Vikings came to rule

By Casey


Whitby is my favourite place
If you go, there leave your trace
Whitby is pretty small
Some stairs there, very tall

By Dan


Whitby Abbey can be scary
But when you come in, don’t be wary
But the fossils are quite rare
If you’re lucky, you can find a neat pair

By Holly

Whitby harbour

Fish and chips good to eat
Definitely cannot be beat
People there totally cool
But Dracula, he was cruel

By Jaxon


Whitby is the best place to be
It is well known for fishing
Whitby has a big seaside
The beautiful coast will get you wishing

By Layla


You can find fossils
Underneath the sand
Loads of people have found them
So go and try your hand

By Josh


Whitby is a seaside
And people like to fish,
But Whitby is haunted
I saw a shooting star and made a wish

By Sophie


Whitby is so great
Fish and chips are not very dear
Sometimes, people eat them with beer
Go there soon, please don’t wait

By Alfie

Well done everyone

Aren’t those just wonderful? The whole class should be proud of all their hard work! We want to say a big well done to Alfie, Brennan, Casey, Dan, Eleanor, Ellis, Evie, Frankie, Gracie, Holly, Jaxon, Josh, Keelan, Layla, Lewis, Lincoln, Molly, Oliver, Rosie, Ruby, Sophie, and of course, Mr Alty.

We look forward to seeing you in Whitby!

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