Whitby pier at sunset as a best places to propose

Best places to propose in Whitby

If you’re planning on popping the question, take a look at what we think are some of the best places to propose in Whitby. With so many beautiful spots in and around town, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to hope they say yes!

When planning where you’re going to pop the question in Whitby, think about some of these locations:

  • At the end of a pier
  • By one of the lighthouses
  • Halfway up the abbey steps
  • In the Whitby Abbey grounds
  • On the clifftop
  • Under the whale bones
  • In the Khyber Pass tunnel
  • On the swing bridge
  • In Pannett Park
  • During a boat ride
  • After a ‘win’ in the arcade – they’ll never expect it!
  • At Mulgrave castle

Of course, if you’re looking for a more intimate, indoor proposal, there are lots of wonderful hotels, B&Bs, cottages and camping spots you can choose from. After a romantic day in Whitby and a meal in one of our delicious restaurants, popping the question in your accommodation makes a perfect end to your day!

hands holding shells in the shape of a heart

Beach proposal ideas

As well as the wonderful history, beautiful architecture, and stunning scenery, Whitby is fortunate to have such lovely beaches. Many couples have taken their relationship to the next level with sand between their toes here in Whitby. Check out some of our favourite beach proposal ideas to inspire your big romantic gesture.

Sand writing

As long as you know the tide times, you can write your question out in the sand and take your partner for a walk on the beach and let them discover it. This can work well if you have a friend to do the writing for you while you keep your partner distracted and enjoying their time in Whitby.

Hide the ring in a shell

If you’ve brought shells home from the beach on past visits, you can use them to hide the ring inside. When you’re walking along the beach, you can pretend to have found it and pass it to your loved one and wait for them to discover the ring you’ve secured to the underside.

This also works with a message in a bottle – but it’s less easy to hide a bottle in your pocket so you’ll have to be craftier about the ‘discovery’ while you’re on the beach.

Sunset beach walk

We are very lucky to have some truly spectacular sunsets in Whitby. Plan a walk along the beach with your special someone as the sun lights everything with a golden glow. What could be more romantic?

Where do you think the best places to propose in Whitby are? We’d also love to hear your story if your special someone popped the question while you were here! Send us a message on Twitter to share your thoughts.

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