Beach home décor ideas

If you love Whitby and being by the sea, why not take a piece of that back with you with a bit of beach home décor? We have lots of ideas of things you can do with your home to bring a touch of that seaside feeling back with you after your trip.

Visit an independent shop

Whitby has lots of fantastic independent shops with decorative items that you can purchase. You’ll get a unique item that will always remind you of your time spent in Whitby and you can feel good about supporting independent business.

Check out some of our local shops


As a coastal town, lots of sea worn wood washes up on our beaches. From small twigs to large branches, you can find a really interesting range of driftwood along the coast. Bring a piece home with you, give it a clean and proudly display it.

We’ve seen people do some really creative things with driftwood collected from Whitby. Why not turn little pieces into candle holders or boats? Spruce up old frames or mirrors by sticking driftwood along the edges to completely change the look.

sea, sand a shells

Shells and sea glass

Is any trip to the beach complete without collecting a shell or some sea glass? A fantastic variety of different shells and coloured glass appear on our beaches with each passing tide. They make a perfect keep sake from your trip. And, if you don’t simply want to display your them in your home, there are lots of exciting things you can do with them to make more of a feature piece.

Scatter shells and the rounded glass around a candle on its holder to add a subtle beach theme to your space. You might also think about putting your finds in a clear jar with some fairy lights to make a cute decorative lamp. Are you green fingered? Stick your shells and sea glass to the outside of your plant pots to give them an instant seaside makeover.

We also really love shell wind chimes. Thread fine string or wire through holes in your shells and attach each string to a piece of driftwood. It’s really simple but very effective!


If you’re lucky, you can find pieces of Earth’s history as you wander along the beach. Whitby’s shores are covered with fossils that make fantastic decorative pieces as well as a reminder of your time here. Each time you look at your fossil, you’ll remember the thrill of finding it and all the fun you had on your trip.

Check out our tips for finding fossils along the coast.

Show us your creations

What are your favourite decorations you’ve bought in Whitby? We want to see them! And we definitely want to see your DIY beach home décor items made from things gathered on our coast! Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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