families playing beach games for kids

Beach games for kids

When you get to the beach, there’s so much stimulus to keep children entertained. You can spend many hours lounging on the sand, enjoying valuable family time or socialising with friends.

We’ve pulled together some ideas of exciting beach games for kids that will keep them entertained for hours on the Yorkshire coast.

Musical towels

Rather than musical chairs, at the beach, you can play musical towels! Put on some summer tunes and get kids dancing around. When the music stops, they have to sit down on a beach towel – last child standing is out. Make sure there is always one more player than towels in the game.

Sand Pictionary

Who needs pens and paper when you’ve got sand? Transform this classic game to a beach setting and take it in turns to draw your book, film or play in the sand for your team to guess.

Digging holes

We all love to see how big we can get our hole before the end of the beach day! Working as a team or in competition with each other, see how much sand you can dig out of your hole – deepest wins! Just make sure you fill it back in again before you leave to help keep other beach users safe.

girl on the beach next to a big hole and sandcastles


This classic childhood games is fun and gets the family moving. Take it in turns to throw the Frisbee to each other, giving points for impressive catches! You could even set up some goals and split up to see how many times your team can land your Frisbee into your goal while the other tries to steal it away.

Treasure hunt

Before your trip to the beach, print out two identical lists of things that are commonly found on the beach, like shells, pebbles, seaweed, driftwood, feathers, and even fossils on Whitby beach! Divide your children into two teams and give each a bucket and the list. The first team to bring you all the items on your treasure hunt list wins.

Tug of war

Get some friendly competition going with a skipping rope or beach towel! Tie a knot in the middle and draw a straight line in the sand and see which team can drag the other over first.

children playing tug of war on the beach

Water bucket relay

Once your picnic is done, you can turn your spoons into a game. Set up two buckets and divide your group in half. One at a time, with one spoon per team, run down to the sea and fill your spoon with water. The team with the most water in the bucket at the end of 5 minutes, wins.

Spiral stones

This game is really easy to set up. Find a stick on the beach or use your spade to draw a spiral in the sand with a small circle in the middle. Children can then take it in turns to throw pebbles at the spiral – closest to the circle centre wins!

Beach bowling

If you don’t want to buy a set of beach bowling pins don’t worry! You can play this fun beach game with lots of the items you already have. Set up water bottles, hot drinks flasks, Tupperware boxes or even your buckets and spades as your bowling pins. Draw a line in the sand to mark your throwing space, and take it in turns to knock down as many pins as you can.

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