Whitby West Cliff Beach, North Yorkshire

10 things you MUST do in Whitby!

Whitby Harbour and Abbey
  1. Go to the beach! There is nothing like the smell of salty sea air and the sound of the waves crashing into shore. Whitby has two excellent beaches, West Cliff Beach and Tate Hill Beach. West Cliff beach is a blue flag beach which is long and sandy, and during the summer offers donkey rides for the children. Tate Hill Beach is a small and secluded beach with lovely soft sand.
  2. Try some Whitby fish and chips. There are so many excellent fish and chip restaurants and takeaways to choose from, serving freshly caught fish. You simply have to try them!
  3. Visit the whalebone arch on West Cliff. Look through the two jaw bones at the Abbey and Church which top the opposite cliff.
  4. Climb (and count) the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey and explore the beautiful ruins. Just as impressive as the Abbey’s striking structure are the beautiful views out to sea and over Whitby Town.

    Whitby Abbey by abtmay
    Whitby Abbey by abtmay
  5. Visit the Church of St Mary. Situated next to the Abbey, the Church of St Mary bears some interesting features, and during the summer months, as the setting sun’s rays reflect in the two windows to the left of the clock tower, the Church appears to have two red eyes. Author, Bram Stoker, observed the eyes first hand and mentioned them in his novel, Dracula.
  6. Walk to the end of West Pier. From here you can look back towards Whitby as if you are a homecoming soldier. If safe, continue to the end of West Pier’s extension for an even more convincing homecoming.
  7. Learn about Captain Cook and his connections to Whitby by visiting the Captain Cook Memorial Museum. During his apprenticeship Cook lodged in the attic of this very building when he was not at sea.
  8. Walk around the harbour and see the day’s catches. From trawlers to children with fishing lines, there is always something to see!
  9. Explore the narrow streets and browse the many artists’ studios and jet jewellery shops. You’ll get a feel for how creative this unusual little town really is.

    Painting of Whitby by local artist John Freeman painting
    Whitby by local artist John Freeman
  10. Explore Pannett Park and Art Gallery. Both were created by Alderman Pannett about 100 years ago. They lie between Bagdale and Flowergate.