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The Captain Cook Memorial Museum

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Captain Cook Memorial Museum

This beautiful 17th century house on Grape Lane, alongside the harbour, was owned by James Walker a prominent Quaker shipowner. The young James Cook came here in 1747 to begin his apprenticeship as a seaman.  When not at sea, he lodged and studied in the attic of the house which retains the atmosphere and typical room settings of the period. The Museum has many informative displays about Captain Cook’s epic voyages of discovery together with original letters, charts and artefacts and changing exhibitions on interesting aspects of Captain Cook’s life and work.

Special exhibition March – October 2010:
‘Northward Ho!   A Voyage towards the North Pole 1773′

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Pannett Art Gallery

Set in Pannett Park, adjoining Whitby Museum, this Art Gallery was gifted to the townsfolk of Whitby by Alderman Pannett. It houses two permanent collections and changing exhibitions by local societies and individual artists. Admission is free.

The Staithes Group Room displays a permanent exhibition of work by these early 20th century impressionist painters, together with two remarkable arts and crafts tapestries and several fine pieces of furniture by local cabinetmakers.

The Weatherill Room holds works by George Weatherill and his three talented children. These exquisite and atmospheric paintings of local scenes and ships from 19th century Whitby have been compared to that of Turner, who also painted Whitby scenes.

Whitby Museum

Whitby Museum and Art Gallery

Whitby Museum and Art Gallery

In 1823 the gentlemen of Whitby founded one the earliest Literary and Philosophical Societies and established a museum to exhibit some of the more spectacular ‘petrefactions’ (fossils) found in the local alum workings and ‘curiosities’, brought from foreign lands by the captains of Whitby’s many sailing ships . Still run as independent museum by the ‘Lit & Phil’, it has deliberately preserved its Victorian ambience in the main halls – though the recent addition of a new wing provides a more modern setting for temporary exhibitions, together with a new costume gallery and cafe.

With an enormous variety of fascinating and curious items on display, everyone can find something of interest – from ships models to jet; fossils to whaling; toys to scientific instruments; natural history to household byegones – the collections reflect the history of Whitby since almost all of the many and varied items on display have been donated by Whitby people.

Special Exhibition Jun 16 – Nov 8 2009                Whitby and Whaling

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Whitby Lifeboat Museum

Built in 1895, the double boathouse was used by the RNLI until 1957 when it was re-established as a museum. The museum has grown to contain an abundance of lifeboat material including models, paintings, medals, photographs, lifeboat kit and items from famous rescues. Personal tales of individual RNLI crew and survivors are told through individual accounts from the archives and touching mementos from the wrecked and the rescued.

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